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(excludes all mattresses and the Ritzy Hiddenbed model)

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Hiddenbed. Doubles your space !

Hiddenbed stays cleverly hidden away during the day so most people never get to see it... until bedtime.

Release the safety catch and Hiddenbed glides into place. You don't need to remove anything from your desk. Perfect for small spaces, studies and guest rooms.

Range and Prices
  • Kids Bunk Beds

    Kids Bunk Beds

    Bunk Beds instantly transform in one simple and safe operation. Perfect for growing kids
  • Desk Bed

    Desk Bed

    Hiddenbed instantly transforms your study desk or work table into a supremely comfortable bed - in one simple and safe operation
  • Ritzy


    We designed this model to be minimalistic, stylish and extremely practical.
  • Wall Bed

    Wall Bed

    These beds give you a contemporary and concealed look that blends in as an accessory to the room, and allows you to function during the day and to get the rest you need at night