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Measuring & Assembly

How do I know if Hiddenbed will fit into my space?

Please check our product specifications for exact measurements. We want you to make choices that are right for you!


Are there any special access requirements when Hiddenbed is delivered?

Our furniture is delivered flat pack which makes it easy for delivery at your end. That also means you don't need to worry about access issues.



What is involved in assembling Hiddenbed?

Hiddenbed will be expertly assembled on site by our qualified contract personnel. This makes the whole process as convenient and simple as possible. Now and then you may be asked to lend a hand, for instance holding a board in place etc. Please note, we do not have the facilities to discard of packaging, this will be your responsibility.


You will enjoy watching your Hiddenbed take shape!



How long does it take to assemble a Hiddenbed unit?

The assembly time will vary, depending on the size and configuration of your Hiddenbed. For a standard unit, the process will take approximately three hours.